Mercitile Bank Tower is a skyscraper located in Downtown Spoonerville and is the second tallest building in the city. It stands at 916 ft tall roof height and its spire adds an additional 130 feet making it 1,046 feet at its tallest point. The skyscraper was proposed in 1989 by architect James Bloom. This project was gonna make Spoonerville "noticed" based on highrises across the nation. Construction started April 4, 1990 and was topped out June 29, 1993. The building itself was completed in October 1993 and the tower officially opened February 12, 1994 to the public. At the time of its completion, the Mercitile Bank, which was a major bank in the New England states, occupied 22 floors, which is about a third of the towers floor amount. Mercitile Bank has been a huge tenant of the tower since it moved its headquarters inside the tower.

Into the 21st Century Edit

Mercitile Bank Tower was an iconic skyscraper in the Spoonerville skyline since its completion. On December 1, 1999, the tower had Neon lights installed on the outer edges of the building so it would light up during the night. It celebrated the new century on December 31, 1999 into January 1, 2000 with a blend of all the colors and the tower's windows were lit up to spell "Into 2000"

Mercantile Bank Tower


(Spite) 1,046 feet (Roof) 916 feet








Tallest building in Spoonerville from1994-2012.