Key Tower
Key Tower to the left


326 feet (Spire)397 feet








Tallest building in Moosetown from 1987-2006. One of the most historic and famous buildings in the city


$240 million

 Key Tower is a high-rise building located at 658 Main in the heart of Moosetown. It stands at 326 feet making it the second tallest building in the city. Plans for the building came up on July 1983 when architect Davis Cheddar proposed plans for the building. Towards the summer of 1984 the plans were approved and the building started contruction on March 4, 1985. Towards the summer of 1986 the building had reached the 24th floor making it the tallest building in Moosetown at 244 feet. By April 1987 the building was topped out and it opened on September 10, 1987 to the public.

Building Fire of 2010 Edit

On the morning of November 17, 2010, on the 28th floor, a mechanical problem was reported from workers of the upper levels of electrical problems. Electricians came to help fix it the next morning but they didn't completely fix it but it kept steady for a couple weeks. On December 8th, 2010, a huge fire burst out on the 28th floor at 9:47 AM and workers of the tower were to evacuate immediately. By 10:05 AM, almost the entire 28th floor was engulfed in flames and the 27th floor was starting to catch. 5 fire engines approached the site at 10:12 AM and by the almost all of the 27th floor was caught. They managed to take out the fire by around 10:25 AM and reports from as far as Springfield, Mass, could see the smoke in the air from the fire. The building officially closed that afternoon at about 1 PM for maintenance and didn't reopen again for workers and the public until February 10, 2011. Since then, electricians made the top couple mechanical floors much for efficient and safe for the public.