AT&T Tower


(Spire) 1,183 feet (Roof)993 feet






Started Construction in 2008. Topped out August 2011 and opened February 26, 2012.

Floor Count


 AT&T Tower was thought of many years before construction dating back to the Early 90's for a supertall Skyscraper. AT&T Tower was propsed in 2006 and Approved later that year starting construction in March 2008. By Spring 2011, the tower had rose up to 1,000 feet making it the tallest building in Spoonerville and one of the only buildings in Spoonerville reaching over 1,000 feet. AT&T Tower was topped out August 27, 2011 at 1,183 feet and did inside furnishing which lasted till Late January 2012. The building officially opened on February 26, 2013. 

Observation DeckEdit

AT&T Tower's observation deck is located on floors 67 and 68 with a restaurant on the 68th floor. The observation deck is up at 950 feet height and can see over 30 miles in distance. The Observation deck officially opened on March 3, 2012.

Building DistributionEdit

Floor 1- Main Lobby

Floors 2-20 Owned by Google

Floors 21-46 Owned by AT&T

Floors 47-54 Owned by Spoonerville Times

Floors 55-56 Mechanical Levels

Floor 57- Sky Lobby (Located 782 feet above ground)

Floors 58-66 Owned by AT&T

Floors 67-68 Observation Deck and Restaurant

Floors 69-70 Mechanical Levels